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Thai Spa Camphor Soap, 10 bars

( 10 bars )Spa Camphor Soap, 40 OZ Free Shipping
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( 10 Bars ) Thai Spa Camphor Soap

Feel Thai spa with camphor smell
Camphor help relaxing in your bath time
Thai spa at home , do it yourself
Clean and therapy with aroma soap
Low cost and safe spa by yourself

Medicinal soap bar for problem skin
It helps to fight skin disorders, such as Eczema and Urticaria, and eradicates blocked pores that cause acne and blackheads.
Formulated in Shanghai
Cleanse and soothe, leaving your skin feeling revitalised and fresh

Camphor Soap Help Nourish and Protect Your Skinhelps to Fight Skin Disorders, Such As Eczema and Urticaria, and Eradicates Blocked Pores That Cause Acne and Blackheads.

Made In: Thailand

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$26.00 (USD)